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Corporate Inclusion
Historically, the most critical concerns related to the growth and progress of the U.S. Hispanic population have been Education and Economic Development. The Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion (LICI) was established with the sole purpose of promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility, especially in the areas of business, employment opportunities and governance.

LICI is dedicated to promoting collaborative corporate social responsibility initiatives that will result in sustainable inclusion of Latino business in procurement, the Latino workforce in employment opportunities and qualified Latinos on the Boards of Directors. A cost-effective process by which corporations, public agencies and nonprofit associations can work with like-minded community-based organizations can deliver "win-win-win" results desired by all concerned.

As partners in social responsibility initiatives, stakeholders can collaborate with LICI to identify culturally relevant solutions to meeting their respective diversity goals. Together, stakeholders and LICI develop solutions to corporate social responsibility challenges.

LICI's operating funds are made possible through the following options:

  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Public Affiliations
  • Nonprofit Affiliations
  • Event underwriting/sponsorships
  • Specialized outreach programs (identification of qualified vendors/suppliers, prospective employees and board members)
Corporate Benefits
When the LICI partners with an organization, it is not only to ensure the advancement of Latinos in the fabric of corporate America, it is also to serve as advisors to that corporation from a business responsibility standpoint.

As part of its value proposition the LICI makes the following options available to its Corporate Partners and Benefactors:
  • Links to policy makers, business leaders, the Latino community;
  • More than 20 years of Latino business development for value-added supply chain solutions;
  • Advice and counsel on Latino supplier diversity strategic plans and goals;
  • Alliances with other Latino business organizations;
  • Resources to help achieve a supplier base that more closely reflects corporate customer demographics;
  • Increased ROI from Latino business development and corporate economic development efforts in the community where our Corporate Partners do business; Information regarding identification of prospective Latino employees and candidates to meet corporate workforce needs; and Identify qualified prospective Latino candidates for our Corporate Partners' boards of directors.
Corporate Partners
Becoming an LICI Partner infers a commitment to corporate social responsibility and the advancement of Latinos within your respective corporation.
An LICI Corporate Partner must be committed to managing Latino diversity in a positive and mutually beneficial manner.

The Partnerships includes the following arrangements:

  • Execution of a partnership agreement related to Latino diversity within the company.
  • Mutually agreed upon meetings to facilitate Corporate Objectives

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